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На кастинге раздолбали молодую русскую попку / Loni (2011) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Loni got her virgin ass penetrated with a big ol' butt plug in my office on her quest to lose her anal virginity. I rammed that rubber plug up inside her until she was big enough to take four fingers. Then I stuffed my hard dick inside Loni's tight asshole and she clenched around me and was so tight that she almost snapped my dick off. But I managed to ride that little babe until I stretched her out completely.
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Русская блонди выхватила попкой чёрный член / Logan (2011) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Cute blonde Logan looks so innocent but don't let those looks fool you, she's a little vixen who loves black dick in the ass. On this particular day, she was eager to give head and then take his big rod right in her asshole. She got stretched apart by his big monster cock and was left with a gaping wide hole. Logan swallowed his thick cumshot like a good little bitch.
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Первый жёсткий кастинг попки русской милашки / Henessy (2011) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Little Henessy hadn ever had a big cock in her ass before. She came into my office and slammed the money down on the table and begged me to work her ass over. So I promptly obliged her and started to stretch her with some anal beads. After that, I probed her little pucker with one of my favorite dildos. Then Henessys ass finally took my cock inside of it until she swallowed my cum
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Негра порвал попку русской девчушке / Geri (2011) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Cute Geri got her first taste of dark meat inside this awesome scene. She swallowed down his big, thick member and then she got it stuffed in her wet pussy. But it wasn't soon after that Geri was begging for it to be plugged in her ass. Geri had the huge black dick drilling her asshole and left her stretched out and open gaping wide until she swallowed his cum.
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Паренёк нежно трахнул свою русскую малышку / Gabi (2014) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Зайдя в спальню парень обнаружил свою милую которая ублажала себя, не долго думая он помог ей своим членом.
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Русская милашка шпилится анально / Felecia (2011) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Felicia has just turned 18 and shes ready to let her freak flag fly. She couldn wait to get her mouth wrapped around that huge dick that was fed to her. She swallowed him for a bit and then he plunged his big cock right up her ass. Felicias little asshole was stretched out until she was gaping wide and then she swallowed his whole cumload
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Два члена для попки русской блондиночки / Emily (2011) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Emily is such a horny little bitch that she needs these two guys to pay attention to her. She had them both in her mouth and they both took turns riding her sweet cunt and then they each fucked her asshole. But as each of the guys wanted to fuck her at once, they each took a hole and gave Emily a double penetration that she'll never forget.
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Двойная порка русской тёлочки / Ava (2011) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Ava the nasty little slut who took on two guys at once. She had them each in her hand while sucking on both of their cocks. While she serviced one of their huge meat rods in her mouth, the other one fucked her sweet meat pussy. Then both of the horny studs mounted Ava at once for a nasty deep double penetration hard fucking.
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Стройная Анюта получает хорошую порку / Anna (2011) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Anna is a little shy thing, but once she gets horny shes crazy in the sack. She sucked his dick all the way down the back of her throat and took a good tonsil poking. Then as she bent over, he drilled into her little bald pussy, giving her the bang of her life. In the end when he was ready to release his fury of cum, Anna got underneath him for a creamy facial.
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Первые анальные съёмки русской блондиночки / Alyssa (2012) FullHD 1080p

Описание: Alyssa looks cute in her tube socks as she got her throat fucked by his big cock. She choked down his rod and then he stuffed the entire thing right up her ass. Alyssa took a brutal ass fucking until her little hole was stretched open gaping wide. Then she took his cock right back into her mouth for some nasty ass to mouth action.